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PPE Particulate Respirator

Instructions for Use

Product Description: PPE Particulate Respirator

Model: 23cm×24cm KN95  Type:Disposable Facepiece  MaterialNon-woven fabric, fuse and spray fabric

Storage:Temp. -30—40,Humidity 80%

Standard: GB 2626-2006

Shelf Life:3 years(nonopened)      

Intended Use

     To filter non-oil particles and design to protect against particles in the air as a respiratory personal protective equipment(PPE)

Attention prior to use:

1.Read and understand the instructions before wear.

2.Choose right size to have the best fit. Facial hair may result in improper seal

3.Inspect respirator to make sure it is in good condition without damage. Follow instructions on the use of respirator    

4.Discard after each encounter. Repeated use is not recommended.

5.Do not use if short of breath or uncomfortable.

6. Reduce outdoor activity when PM2.5 particulate matter concentration>500µg/m³

7. Before wearing, children should read and understand the instructions for use carefully with the help of their guardians, so as to master the correct use.

Usage method

1)Inspect all mask parts before use. Dispose on observation of any damaged or deformed parts       

2)Place the mask to cover nose and mouth with nose clip up 

3)Pull strap behind ears. Adjust strap find the comfortable tight-fitting 

4)Push nose clip with fingertips from both hands to have perfect fit of nose shape from top to the down sides of nose    

5)Perform a seal check before each wearing by taking deep breath. Re-adjust nose clips and strap to achieve proper seal.


1.Please check prior to use.

2.It is unlikely that the requirements for leakage will be achieved if facial hair passes under the face seal

3.The mask is only fit of filtering non-oil based particles

4..Do not use for: hazard gas, vapors, low oxygen, liquid and fire environment.

5.This mask shall not be used in explosive atmosphere 

6.When the product is damaged (such as holes, deformation, etc.), polluted (such as wet, dust, etc.) or the respiratory resistance increases, please replace the mask in time

7.Failure to follow the instruction and limitation may result in health problem.

8.The guardian shall pay attention to children's wearing condition of the mask at any time. If children feel uncomfortable during wearing the mask, they shall adjust them or stop using in time

9.The mask shall not be used for more than one shift.

Manufacturer:Chengdu Rainbow Group New Materials Technology Co. Ltd.

Address: 358 Xingyuan 10 Road, Xinjin Industrial Area, Xinjin County, Chengdu,P.R.C

Production date and end of shelf life : to See printing codes on the package



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